In April 1976
Ohte Giken, Inc. was founded with the capital of 1,000,000-yen as an exclusive agent of Scanivalve Corp. U.S.A. at 1-1-3 Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
In April 1981
Head office moved to 1-7-8 Ebisu-Minami, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo due to expandation of the business .
In July 1983
Head office moved to 13-25-3 Ebisu-Higashi, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo due to expandation of the business .
In Mar. 1985
DHInstruments, Inc. U.S.A. recognized Ohte Giken as their exclusive agent In Japan. Ohte Giken added DH products(Desgranges et Huot, France ) to Scanivalveproducts.Ohte Giken served as a importing and repairing company of the both companies.
In April 1990
Ohte Giken moved to 2-9-1 Sengen, Tsukuba, Ibataki Pref. to ensurebetter servise to the pressure measurement. market.
In June 1993
Ohte Giken, Inc. increase their capital to 10,000,000yen.
In December 1993
Ohte Giken set up Nippon CalService Corp. as a jointventure with DH Instruments U.S.A. for pressure calibration service.
In November 1997
Ohtegiken set up a Technology Center for more better service at 258-1, Nakadai, kasumigaura-Shi, Ibaraki,
In April 1998
DH Instruments, Inc. became independent from Desgranges et Huot.Ohte Giken, Inc. started direct buissiness with Desgranges et Huot France.
In June 1998
Ohte Giken, Inc. started importing and servicing business of Desgranges et Huot products and DH Budenberg Products. adding to Scanivalve Products andDH Instruments products .
In February 2000
Ohte Giken, Inc. increased their capital to 20,000,000yen.
In December 2002
Ohte Giken, Inc got 50% capital of Nippon CalService,From DH Instruments.
In January 2003
Kansai branch of Ohte Giken, Inc. was opened at 2-1-7 Matsunouchi, Akashi-Shi Hyougo Pref.
In December 2003
Ohte Giken, Inc. started Calibration service business.
In April 2005
Takayoshi Ohte was elected and inaugurated as the president of Ohte Giken, Inc.
In January 2006
Ohte Giken, Inc. started their business of Aeroprobe prodects as an exclusive agent in Japan.
In November 2006
Ohte Giken, Inc. issued the first corporate bond.
In April 2012
Ohte Giken, Inc. added MAXIMATOR products as an exclusive agent of MAXIMATOR.




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