vectoflow Multi-hole probes with standard geometries

名称 Multi-hole probes with standard geometries
メーカー vectoflow
型式 vectoflow
Straight, L-shaped, Cobra or Drilled Elbow
Number of pressure holes 3,5,7
Length max 280 mm, other lengths see
Tip diameter min. 0.9 mm (standard 3 mm)
Tip geometry conical, spherical
Material stainless steel, titanium, inconel, plastics
Fixture cuboid, hexagonal, flattened cylinder
Connections standard 1.04 mm pressure tubes with bulge
Reference reference surface normal to z-axis
Temperature range up to 600 °C
Angle measurement range ± 70° (depending on number of holes)
Angle measurement accuracy < ± 1°
Velocity measurement range 3 m/s up to Mach 2
Velocity measurement accuracy < ± 1 m/s
Resolvable frequency max. up to 50 Hz (depending on probe geometry, frequency calibration possible)
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